Is Good News Finally Good News Again?

Is Good News Finally Good News Again?

Good news is bad news: It had been the mantra in economic circles ever since inflation took off in early 2021. A strong job market and rapid consumer spending risked fueling further price increases and evoking a more aggressive response from the Federal Reserve. So every positive report was widely interpreted as a negative development.

TD Ameritrade & Charles Schwab: What you need to know

FAQsWhy do my Statements show different values? Your investment account(s) may have two published statements for the month of September. The first statement is based on the timeframe WNY Asset Management managed your account at TD Ameritrade (pre transfer) and the...

Market Volatility Update

We all know that volatility is a normal part of investing, but when it occurs our patience is tested and managing our emotions can be challenging. Emotional reactions to market events are perfectly normal. Investors should expect to feel nervous when markets decline,...

Russia-Ukraine Conflict and your Investments

Over the past number of weeks, we have been monitoring the situation between Russia and Ukraine and its effects on markets and client portfolios. The Investment Committee at WNY Asset Management (WNYAM) has been anticipating an invasion by Russia, and now that it is...