College Assistance Program (CAP)

The college planning process can be a confusing one — especially if it’s your first time through. Deadlines pile up, financial concerns arise, and by the time you finally understand the process, it can be too late. That’s why WNY Asset Management has developed a program called the CAP Program. It’s our College Assistance Program (CAP) where we guide you through the college admissions and financial aid process.

Making the college admissions process easier


To get started, you and your advisor will meet to determine your specific concerns. This begins to put together the steps needed in order to reach your goals. An action plan will include required tasks and deadlines in the college admissions and financial process. A review of your student’s current academic profile and academic goals are evaluated, and financial documentation is reviewed to outline your family’s initial financial aid eligibility and funding opportunities — preparing you fully for the next conference. It’s here where your goals and concerns are identified, which will drive our action items throughout the rest of the process.


Our professional guidance counselor takes a proactive approach to admissions planning. Through a series of meetings and  workshops, she will evaluate your students’ academic credentials, employment, outside activities, and current/future high school curriculum choices to help your student find the right college fit. Our program is personalized for each student focusing on areas such as organization, admissions presentation, college essays and applications, resume preparation, standardized test, college visits and so much more. 

financial Aid Preparation

With the ever-rising cost of college — now more than ever — it’s important to understand the financial aid process and what your family can expect. Using the various financial aid formulas and our advisor’s professional experience, we determine your family’s expected family contribution (EFC) and aid eligibility at each school. A complete analysis of variables impacting aid eligibility generates personalized recommendations based on each family’s unique financial profile. Our advisor will help create a financial plan specifically designed to fit your family’s financial situation with the goal of maximizing aid and minimizing costs. Comparisons of college financial history, policy and resources ensure that families are informed of the college’s ability to meet their financial needs and how financial aid packages are constructed, helping families minimize cost and debt while maximizing aid.

Families can now file for financial aid as early as Oct. 1 of their child’s senior year. As part of our services, your advisor can assist you in obtaining your FSA ID’s as well as prepare your families FAFSA application. Proper and timely completion of your application assures families will become eligible for all federal, state and school aid necessary to make your student’s dream of attending the best-fit college come true. (Additional forms such as the CSS Profile, TAP, Excelsior and income verification procedures may be necessary. These forms can be prepared for you at an additional cost).

Putting It All Together

During the fall of your child’s senior year in high school, we review your final college list, coordinate timelines, required admissions applications and financial aid form filings. A final review of your family’s up-to-date financial position ensures the greatest potential for financial aid, eligibility and admissions.

Is college still years away? Contact us today even if you’re just starting to think about it. By addressing it now, we can help you alleviate the stress that comes with putting it all together later.

Trusting your financial team is important