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What does your future look like?

It’s ok to dream. To wonder what lies ahead. To think about your children graduating. To predict when you will retire. To keep that picture of paradise on your desk for motivation. We want you to dream. But we also want you to enjoy the journey. To appreciate life as it comes at you without worrying about having to work a year longer than planned. WNY Asset Management wants to help you plan for the future. Let us do what we do best. Help you get there.

Our Investment Strategy for the Upcoming Election

As we approach the upcoming Presidential election, we want to share with you our view on how best to navigate the investment markets.   As you know, we do not attempt to predict the future, but rather focus on information and fundamentals. Making significant asset allocation changes based on short-term election cycle volatility can be detrimental to long-term investment returns, and market timing is rarely a winning strategy.

Our partners at Capital Group prepared a summary analyzing investor and market behavior during and after an election year.  As you will see, the political party who controls the White House has minimal impact on the investment markets over the long term, which is why we are not planning on making any significant changes to your portfolio, such as raising excess cash. We hope you find this informative, timely, and helpful.

As always, we are here to answer your questions or have discussions with you to ensure your portfolios are aligned with your individual goals and objectives.

We hope that you stay healthy and safe.

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