Enjoy What’s Ahead

What does your future look like?

It’s ok to dream. To wonder what lies ahead. To think about your children graduating. To predict when you will retire. To keep that picture of paradise on your desk for motivation. We want you to dream. But we also want you to enjoy the journey. To appreciate life as it comes at you without worrying about having to work a year longer than planned. WNY Asset Management wants to help you plan for the future. Let us do what we do best. Help you get there.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, WNY Asset Management has implemented the below changes. The Firm is introducing a new Health and Safety Policy, the purpose of which is to protect our clients, staff and their families.

Staff and the Workplace

Protective Equipment & Cleaning Practices

  • The office has been disinfected by a CDC approved electrostatic cleaner. The benefits of this cleaning last for 30 days and will be repeated every month.
  • Masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies have been acquired by the Firm and will be available for staff.
  • The office and all common areas will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • The Office is also professionally cleaned three times a week which includes a Spray and Go disinfectant.

Clients and Visitors

  • At this time, WNY Asset Management will not hold in-person client review meetings.
  • All meetings will be conducted using phone and/or Microsoft Teams video technology.
  • Most forms can be completed and signed using our secure electronic signature software from DocuSign.
  • Clients are asked to call the office at 626-0060 to arrange curbside “drop off” for any paperwork.
  • Visitors will be seated in the large conference room and will need to sign a Temporary Visitor Policy.
  • Visitors will be asked to stay at least six feet from the reception desk, which will be marked by tape.
  • Deliveries will be placed at the designated area in the lobby.

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