We understand that you’ve worked hard to reach your current financial status. Assets don’t just appear, they accumulate from years of purchases, savings and investments. Your goal, just as it is for many others, is to pass those on for future generations.

Having a good estate plan in place will help to make sure your wealth that you worked hard to create is managed and taken care of in the manner that you prefer when you die or become incapacitated. Our Wealth Managers work alongside your attorney and accountant to create an estate planning team for you.

Putting a plan in place

While you might wait until later in life to start the retirement planning process, it’s smart to begin sorting out your estate early. If you die without a will or living trust, the job of managing and disposing of assets — and even the custody of your children — passes into the hands of the courts. A Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy are fundamental documents for a good estate plan. Relieve stresses related to the estate planning process early by placing trust in our team at WNY Asset Management. Both you and the rest of your family will be thankful.

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Trusting your financial team is important