Russia-Ukraine Conflict and your Investments

Feb 25, 2022Updates

Over the past number of weeks, we have been monitoring the situation between Russia and Ukraine and its effects on markets and client portfolios. The Investment Committee at WNY Asset Management (WNYAM) has been anticipating an invasion by Russia, and now that it is upon us, we wanted to share some of our thoughts.

Increased volatility will be a part of the markets creating challenging environments. However, as money managers, we will continue to rely on the discipline and strategies that have allowed us to succeed over long periods. Historically, investment markets correct themselves before the conflict gets resolved, which is why staying invested is crucial during times like these.

It is unclear how long the current geopolitical situation will last. However, our opinion is that due to the current environment, the Federal Reserve should slow down their anticipated interest rate hikes planned for this year. If so, this should prove positive for the investments once geopolitical activity settles down. Currently, we are actively monitoring investments and identifying what we believe will be opportunities created from this unfortunate situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss in further detail. Again, we appreciate and thank you for your continued trust in WNYAM.